Saturday, January 15, 2011

General Elections

Here's a list of people in the upcoming elections who favor ending prohibition or who favor medical use only.

People: Who favor ending prohibition

Luke 'Ming' Flanagan - Current Mayor of Roscommon and cannabis activist - Independent - Roscommon

Emmet Stagg - Sitting TD - Labour - Kildare North

Joe Higgins - Sitting MEP - Socalist Party - Dublin

Dr.Bill Tormey - Councillor - Fine Gael - Dublin North/West

People: Who support medical use only

Maureen O'Sullivan - TD - Independent - Dublin Central

Dan Boyle - Senator - Green Party - Cork South Central

Martin Ferris - TD - Sinn Fein - Kerry North


Socialist Party
Fis Nua


ben said...

i know who il be voteing for ,.

politicians that support prohibition support organized crime

Barry Coughlan said...

Nice work, but missing Dr. Bill Tormey and Ivana Backik