Saturday, May 21, 2011

€150 Fine for one plant!

A 28-year-old Castlebar man was ordered to pay €150 to Down Syndrome, Ireland after he was found in possession of one cannabis plant he was growing in a wardrobe in his home.

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penni said...

In my parish its been a thousand euro fine for the poor box for one plant and we wonder where the poor box goes to? whats the crime in growing plants for our own enjoyment I mean HEY are we taxed for growing cabbage? I get it that whoever is out there trying to get it legalized is trying to give the system a reason to do it but freedom is freedom .We are a depressed country with no courage for enjoyment, what do you reckon if alcohol was banned do you think the irish would mutiny? We dont need to have MS or glaucoma to deserve the right to smoke cannabis. crime is crime when you hurt another and the guardians of the peace hurt us invading our homes when we are living peacefully. they split us apart with the paranoia who has talked SHIT sick of it we are living beings and its our natural right to live as we see fit enjoying our mellow vibe and loving each other