Sunday, February 13, 2011

Cannabis tops digital debate

Newstalk and YouTube recently launched Ireland’s first General Election 'Digital Debate'

Go to and log your question by text or by video before Tuesday February 15th or vote on questions submitted by others.

The categories are: the economy, jobs, health and education, political reform or other issues.

The top rated questions will then be put to Enda Kenny, Micheal Martin, Eamon Gilmore, Gerry Adams and John Gormley and their video answers will be posted on the page.

At the time of writing, 619 people have submitted 354 questions and cast 5,889 votes and the top question is about cannabis reform.

The question itself is which has to date over 300 votes:

"Will your party commit to legalising and taxing cannabis for personal use, thereby generating a significant new source of tax revenues, saving Gardai and court resources, and allowing access to those with a medical need?"

Whether this question will be put to the politicians, despite the fact it will probably win by many votes, remains to be seen.

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