Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cannabis among 10 questions for leaders

Earlier in the week I posted about Newstalk and YouTube's 'Digital Debate' and now all ten questions have be voted on and sent to the party leaders, with their video responses due Friday.

Here's the full list of questions with number 9 being the relevant one.


1. Would it not be wise to bring various economists to the cabinet? People with real financial know-how. Also, why not have politicians appointed to ministerial jobs according to their qualifications?

2. What is your party going to do about the millions of euros of oil and natural gas that we currently give away 100% tax free to global corporations?


3. Everyday we are seeing successful businesses close due to extortionate rent rates that are non negotiable due to clauses in leases. How will your government tackle this issue, both to maintain existing business and encourage new business?

4. Ireland has the best wind resources in the EU, yet state development in this sector has been terrible. With the resources naturally available to us we could resurrect our construction industry and become a major energy exporter. Why not support this?


5. Many (most?) publicly-funded primary schools require a baptismal certificate as a condition of enrollment. I believe it's high time to remove this requirement from state institutions - what is your party's position on this?

6. Education is the key to a successful future, If we have to pay an arm and a leg for it how do you expect Ireland to have a successful future?


7. Why does our Taoiseach have a higher salary than the President of the United States of America? And the UK's Prime Minister? We're a country of only 4 million people, being told to tighten or belts and at the same time the Taoiseach earns a fortune.

8. For god's sake, can't we be rid of the ridiculous blasphemy law?


9. Will your party commit to legalising and taxing cannabis for personal use, thereby generating a significant new source of tax revenues, saving Gardai and court resources, and allowing access to those with a medical need?

10. RTE is a fully commercialized enterprise; why then are we still paying a huge tv license fee - that RTE alone has access to- when they use the money to pay exhorbitant salaries? Would you change that?

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