Saturday, February 26, 2011

Video Responses In

Sorry for the delay in posting.

A few days ago the responses from the Newstalk and You Tube 'Digital Debate' were put online. The 5 party leaders were asked 10 questions on numerous issues, among them this one

"Will your party commit to legalising and taxing cannabis for personal use, thereby generating a significant new source of tax revenues, saving Gardai and court resources, and allowing access to those with a medical need?"

You can see the videos at the link below

Leaders answer Cannabis Question

A quick roundup of what was said:

Gerry Adams - SF - Would not legalise cannabis but open to its medical use.

Eamonn Gilmore - Lab - Would not legalise cannabis.

John Gormley - Green - No legalisation but doesn't think people should be criminalised for small amounts.

Enda Kenny - FG - Short and sweet answer being no.

Michael Martin - FF - Would not legalise cannabis but are open to medical use.

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