Tuesday, May 24, 2011

LCI has a growth spurt

I remember four years ago attending my first legalise cannabis march in Dublin, it was the 2nd annual legalise cannabis protest. I had missed the historical year before due to ill health in the family, but had helped promote it via the internet and had expected being there on the day. On that day at the second years protest I met Sean and a few others, who had gotten a bus from Cork to attend. I had a great day as could be expected and decided to become as involved with cannabis activism as I could. I wasn't the only one.

Fast forward one year, Sean and some friends had launched LCI Cork and held their first protest. Over the last two years they've held more protests and continue to grow. I've had the privilege of being involved with the Cork group, both directly and indirectly since its foundation and it's been a great expierence. This year was especially impressive with the guest speakers we had, Luke 'Ming' Flanagan showing up unannounced, and just in general having a great day with those involved within the scene.

Over the last few days we have seen the emergence of some LCI Groups across the country from Carlow to Westmeath. It's great to see people in these counties get involved by setting up their own groups. Having groups around the country means when events like the D.I.D talks take place, we have people on the ground who can look after things and help out. It also opens up the possibilities of coordinated nationwide protests and much more.

One of the next important things are to hold meetings, not only at a local level for the groups to establish themselves, but also on a national scale so we can all meet.

Anyone not involved with their local group, get involved! Check out their facebook page, send a message or and email and take it from there.

If there is not one in your area, then set it up!

For the last three years, two cities, Cork and Dublin have held protests. I cannot wait to see how many cities and towns are involved next year.

Together we're stronger!

List of LCI Groups

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