Thursday, June 2, 2011

FM104's claims about cannabis

The incident began last Wednesday, the 25th of May, when during their FM104 Phoneshow the show made the statement that.

A survey in Australia out today proves that cannabis can be up to 8 times more addictive than heroin. Would you agree with this and is it REALLY that addictive?

Their Facebook page and the comment section for the post, which can be seen Here immediately lit up with a debate on the issue.

Over the course of a couple of days numerous comments from the pro-cannabis side were removed.

Throughout the comment section you can see I and others asking for a link to the study, which 8 days later has not been provided. On the night in question Mel from FM104 messaged me on Facebook and told me the study information would be sent to me. I've still yet to hear anything.

They had the cheek during the course of the comment section debate to link to this site Here which is some scam site, asking you to pay $40 for a cannabis coach to help quit cannabis.

Yesterday and today, I have sent emails to FM104 to numerous departments and also to the specific show in question. Here's the latest I sent.

I am writing in regards to the phone in show you had last week and the claim cannabis is 8 times more addictive than heroin. Have you found the study?

Please note if I hear no response within a few days I will take it you have no study and simply made up this news story. In which case you can expect a boycott against your station, and a campaign for you to either release the study or apologise for the false story.


I shall give FM104 a few days to respond and if I hear nothing then a campaign shall start. I look forward to your support should this be the case


Anonymous said...

Very annoying that they can present this rubbish as fact and then try to just hush it over.Thanks for your efforts on everyones behalf.

Anonymous said...

Fair play for taking a stand. I'm behind you 100%

Anonymous said...

These people are all the same ignorant in the face of fact,
Thanks for standing up to be counted
for all cannabis user's.

Anonymous said...

Biggest load of rubbish ever !! If you want to know the truth, then check out this free documentary on What if Cannabis Cured Cancer