Thursday, June 2, 2011

FM104 Update - All A Mistake They Say

They meant to say cannabis is 8 times more COMMON than heroin not ADDICTIVE. The mistake was made they say only on facebook and not on air. Though I have emailed asking will they post on Facebook again to retract this message.

Thanks for your mail.

As myself and Adrian were out of the country for the week we've had to check up with people who were back at base
and doing the show in our absence.

We have confirmed that ON AIR, no such statement was made. Greg, the host, was referring to a report carried out by
The Australian National Survey of Mental Health and Wellbeing which is available on line and showed that Cannabis use
is 8 times more "COMMON" than heroin use.

Unfortunately, the staff member posting on facebook used the word "ADDICTIVE" as opposed to "COMMON". The member
of staff in question has been made aware of this error. Again, just to stress, this mistake did not happen on air just on the facebook page.


Jeremy Dixon
FM104 Phoneshow


john sweetman said...

I feel that having made such a fundamental mistake the least ye could do would be to broadcast the facts about cannabis and have an informed debate about it on air.

ben said...

it was made on air i heard them say it lairs